C.P. Yeager Elementary School

Student Registration is Open

CCISD families will receive a registration code via email. Use this code to register at enrollment.ccisd.us.  Need help? Click the red “Contact Us” button on this page, text us at 361-600-3691 or call the Office of Student Support Services at 361-695-7242. See you Tuesday, August 9!

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In-District Transfers

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School Safety

Corpus Christi ISD police chief Kirby Warnke discusses how our district and community work to ensure student, staff and public safety at all our campuses.

Watch this video for all the details.

Safety video update

New District policy concerning locked doors

Bond 2022

The Corpus Christi ISD Board of  Trustees approved placing a school bond on the November 8 ballot.  Please visit our webpage to get more information on Bond 22.

Title I Family Engagement Policy and School Compac

The 2021 - 2022 Parent Engagement Policy and Parent-Teacher Compact are available for viewing.  Click on the link to view them.


La Política de participación de los padres de 2021 - 2022 y el Acuerdo de padres y maestros están disponibles para su visualización. Haga clic en el enlace para verlos.

Parent support for students effected by the Uvalde

Parents, if your children were effected by the incident in Uvalde and you would like resources to help you out, click on the link for a list of link with useful resources.

Join our PTA

There is still time to join our Yeager PTA.  

  • Membership Fee: $7.50 per member
  • Join online at: joinpta.org
  • Students of all PTA members will be invited to a Fun Day on October 22.

CCISD Virtual Backpack

Corpus Christi ISD shares information about community events and activities with our students and families through our Virtual Backpack. Organizations wishing to post information on this site should email a link to the information to Angela Stephens.

Open the Virtual Backpack.